L'Auberge des Vieilles Poutres, an institution

about the restaurant

It is a healthy business that has existed, so to speak, since its inception in Fournes en Weppes.
There is a very pleasant general atmosphere, a very nice wine list and an exemplary craftsmanship.
In the wooded courtyard, there is indeed a funny door, in the wall, that customers do not necessarily notice. It is an artisanal smokehouse that allows the establishment to smoke “home” its meat and fish.

And if some, as soon as they take over a business, want to change everything, to mark the place of their imprint, this was not the case with the arrival of Farid. If he decided to take over the Auberge des Vieilles Poutres in August 2019, it is first of all because the restaurant seduced him. He thinks that a 40-year-old case is not easily changed. His challenge is to stick to what people want. Most guests love the Auberge’s menu.

If he wants to preserve the soul of the place, Farid nevertheless has improvement projects in mind. The wish is to develop the lunchtime service, to visit our customers, to go around the tables, because it is important to talk about products.

It is also planned to offer seminars and training to companies, with meals in a small lounge adjacent to the restaurant

Farid Arab

Cooking is my passion

Farid has an atypical career. Originally from Gandecourt, he entered the restaurant, not through the kitchen door, but through commercial animation. It all started with a job at 18, at Quick: "I had to stay 3 months, I stayed there 8 years. I ended up as an assistant director". The man then rolled his hump before initiating a turn toward the galley itself. He trained and did several seasons, "in Nice, Montpellier & Megève. What I like about restaurants is that you really feel like you’re serving something, making people have a good time". For some time now, this father has been looking for a business to take over. I had specific criteria: I wanted to own the walls and have a place to live... and be outside Lille".

An experienced team

The cooking team

La Brigade des vieilles poutres restaurant weppes

Farid Arab


La Brigade des vieilles poutres restaurant weppes



La Brigade des vieilles poutres restaurant weppes


Aide cuisine

La Brigade des vieilles poutres restaurant weppes


Chef de Rang / Sommelier

La Brigade des vieilles poutres restaurant weppes


Apprenti cuisinier

La Brigade des vieilles poutres restaurant weppes


Apprenti service en salle

1270 rue Faidherbe

59134 Fournes-En-Weppes

03 20 50 23 13
Les Vieilles Poutres

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